Home Tips for Winter in Central Texas

Dated: December 16 2020

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Home Tips for Winter in Central Texas

By Anthony George posted December 16, 2020

My goodness! It's turned cold.

With this cold weather, it is a perfect time for reminders about how to keep your home more energy-efficient in the winter time here in Central Texas.

Seven Ways to Save Money at Home During the Winter:
1. Reverse the ceiling fans.
In the summer, the cool air is at the bottom of the floor. You want to blow the air down. In the winter we want to bring it up and force the warm air that's on the ceiling back down the sides of the walls. So, in the winter time, click that little switch to reverse the ceiling fan so the blades bring the air up, converting it across the ceiling, and lowering it back down the walls to the floor to create a better air flow in your home and make sure the heat is getting everywhere that it needs to get.

2. Consider insulating your windows.
Go out and pick up some of the little plastic film that you can find at Lowe's, Home Depot, Amazon, Ace Hardware. It just has sticky on all sides, goes around the windows on the inside of the home. It just helps with any draft or the cold temperatures radiating from the window panes. It's just another layer of protection. And like I say, they're cheap.--10-15 bucks probably to do most or all of your house. A lot of the homes here in central Texas have older style windows, the aluminum style windows. This plastic film will help reduce a lot of that cold air that's coming in through the windows making your home a more comfortable environment and saving you money on your energy bill.

3. Install draft guards.
At the bottom of each door, consider putting a draft guard in especially all entry doors from the outside or under the doors of any rooms that you have closed off that you're not using. A draft guard will keep any air from coming underneath the door and cooling your home when you're trying to heat it, again saving you valuable dollars.

4. Replace the air filter.
This will pull air in more efficiently to help heat your home for less money. Consider creating a schedule reminder to do this once a month. That will keep your house in tip-top shape whether we're trying to heat it or cool it in the summertime.

5. Install a programmable thermostat.
Programmable thermostats allow you the ability to alter the temperature when you're not at home. Then, when you're home, raise it back up. When you get ready for bed, lower it down a couple of degrees and crawl under the covers and keep yourself warm that way. That will reduce your heating bills throughout your home, again, saving you money in the long run.

6. Make sure the caulking around your windows is in good an operable shape.
Over time, caulk will dry out and start to crack. Make sure on the interior and the exterior of all windows that your caulk is in good shape and replace it if need be.

7. Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
The chances of your home going up in flames and burning in the winter time are two to three times higher because of your heating source. A lot of times we'll put portable heaters in different spots of the house and forget about them.  Or we might burn candles, and they get knocked over. Make sure your smoke detectors and your carbon monoxide (depending upon your type of heating source) are up to date and working. It's a very simple step and costs you virtually nothing.  Go around and push the button, make sure that it beeps and screams, and you're all good. If you need to replace the batteries, make sure that you get that done and try to put this again on a monthly rotation.

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