Home Staging to Sell Your Home

Dated: January 22 2021

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Ready to put your house on the market?  Want to maximize your profits?

A few tips to make your house as appealing as possible for buyers:

1. Make your house look as spacious as possible.

In today's market, most home buyers are looking for space, but sometimes you don't have it.  How can you make a 2000-square foot home look bigger?  Consider what pieces of furniture make the room look smaller than it might be.  What pieces of furniture can be stored elsewhere and allow for more movement in the room?  Consider the way your furniture is arranged.  Is it an arrangement that allows the room to look big?

2. Clean.

Give you home a deep cleaning, cleaning the baseboards, cleaning the corners, cleaning every nook and cranny that we walk by in everyday life. While we may regularly mop the kitchen and vacuum the carpets, many don't regularly clean the baseboards and the top of door frames.  Clean the ceiling fans and all the nooks and crannies that get put off until a spring cleaning day.

3. De-humanize or take yourself out of the home.

Anything that could identify you, anything that may be offensive to a potential buyer should be removed.  Offensive does not have nudes hanging on your walls; it may also mean considering religious items that may turn off some buyers. Certain art may not be appealing to others. Take into consideration that you're trying to make the home look as appealing to someone else as it is to you.

4. As you declutter, find a place to store your items.

You don't want to just take all the extra furniture and items and fill up your garage or closets.  What are other options?  One might be to ask a neighbor if you could store items in their shed until you sell.  However, that's not always a great option. The other option would be to rent a space in a local storage facility, renting a 10 X 10 or a 10 X 20 just to store your things for a month or two until it can get on the market, get sold and closed and you go onto your new space. In the long run that could make you money by decluttering and moving some stuff out of the way.

5. Remember to declutter your closets, attic, and garage.

Potential buyers want to see all the space.  They want to see how much room they will have for storage.  Especially if your closets are full, you will want to store items to give the illusion of a bigger closet.  Buyers may want to crawl up in the attic space to check installation, and if you filled it full of all the Christmas decorations and all your other decorations and tubs and tubs of stuff, just to have them out of the way so that they can see the living room, that may be a turnoff if they can't determine how much room they have in the attic.  Garages are also a common place for clutter.

6. Don't forget your pets.

Consider finding your pets a place to be when you're showing the home so that they are not preventing you from showings and creating hassles for potential buyers.  Also, be aware of any odors that they may leave behind. If you live with a pet in the home every day, you get used to certain smells.  Try to find something to cover up or clean those smells.  Clean your carpets.  Make the home look ready for the next person to move in without cleaning up after you and your pets.

7. Add personality to your home.

So after you've gone through and given the house a deep cleaning and gotten rid of a lot of clutter, your house may look very vanilla. Perhaps, the house does not even look lived in because you've done such a great job of getting it ready. Now, you might need to add a little personality back to the home. In the living room, consider leaving a magazine or a folded newspaper on a coffee table, leave fresh flowers in a vase, set candles around. They don't have to be burning, but having the candles can leave a pleasant odor and also look like you do live there.  Just like the living room, in the kitchen, remember to leave a few touches to make it looks like someone lives there. Leave some fresh fruit on the counter or add a vase full of flowers. Make sure your utensils are in a nice container on the counter to where it looks like they're being used on a daily basis.

8. Remember to let light into the home.

Natural light can be a huge benefit to a potential buyer. Crack your blinds a little to where they'll let natural light in, pull the drapes back to where they'll let the natural light in. Try to show off the home with as much light and life as possible.

9. Keep your house ready.

If you're still living in the home, before you leave for work or before a potential buyer comes to see the home, make sure the beds are made and the bathroom towels are hung up or put into a hamper.  Put dirty dishes in the dishwasher.  Remember that the first thing people are going to see is the front area of your house.  Make sure that their entrance in the house is one that is inviting, one that pulls visitors into the home, making them feel like this is where they might want to come home every day.

10. Spend some money for staging if you are moving everything out.

If you will have an empty home before you put it in on the market, consider investing in a professional home staging service that can come in for a few hundred to a thousand dollars. They can come in and stage your home with furniture in the living room, bedroom, dining room. They can make your home look lived in. According to a third of realtors, the National Association of Realtors, by having a home staged, you can realize 1% to 5% more on your offers by just having the home look lived in. So it could be a very wise investment.  One scenario:  let's say you spend a thousand dollars to have your home stage.  If your home was being sold for $250,000 and you make 2% because it's staged, that thousand dollar investment could turn into a $5,000 profit.  If you take away the thousand you invested, you just put $4,000 into your pocket for having the home staged and making it look lived in.   If your home is vacant and you're wondering why you are not getting offers or not getting appropriate offers, consider having your home professional stages so you can realize the maximum amount o

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