What is Turning Off Home Buyers

Dated: June 22 2021

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So you've had your house repainted. You've had everything taken care of, put it on the market, been professionally photographed. You've had tons of people looking at it. However, you're not getting any offers. 

Why could this be? 

Here are 10 reasons why an in-person viewing may be turning off potential buyers. 

#1 Turn Off: Smell. They've seen the pictures of the house, they like it, they want to come see it. As soon as they walk in the door, what's that odor? Could be many things, could be moisture in the carpet, could be pet smells, could be over-adjusting, too many scents going on. Maybe you're burning candles in every room that will also turn a potential buyer off thinking, what could they be hiding? 

#2 Turn Off: Pets. I'm a dog lover. Other folks are cat lovers. We all seem to have a pet in our household, but a potential buyer may be turned off by a certain pet or a certain animal in a house, and if you leave your pets there, even if they're locked up outside, they can be a nuisance and potentially turn-off a prospective buyer when viewing your home. 

#3 Turn Off: Pests. Yeah, you've seen a few bugs around, but you thought, “Well, we're gonna be moving. So I'm gonna stop the pest control.” Well, the first thing that can turn a potential buyer off is to walk into a kitchen or any room in the house and have roaches run across their feet, or maybe a mouse come out from the wall or even a rat when they're touring the outside. Take care of any pest problem that you may know about before putting your home on the market. This will keep people from being turned off and from encountering a pest while touring your home. 

#4 Turn Off: Popcorn ceilings or drop tile ceilings can be a turnoff. They were popular in the seventies, not today. If you have the time, you have the ability scrape the popcorn or replace those acoustic tiles make it a more modern ceiling to make your house more appealing to a potential buyer. 

#5 Turn Off: Wall-to-wall carpeting. Yes, I was raised in the age of shag. You maybe were too, or you're a little younger and were raised in the age of Berber because it was easier to clean. However, it has been found that carpet creates a lot of allergens in the air, holds a lot of things that you may not be aware of that causes a lot of problems. Today's buyers in today's market want to see wood floors or vinyl floors, or even ceramic tile in the wet areas. So if you have wall-to-wall carpet, it may be inhibiting you from getting an offer on your home. 

#6 Turn Off: Outdated heating and air conditioning systems. If your heating and air conditioning system was installed 30 years ago, it may not be efficient for today's usage and also a potential buyer sees it as a huge investment if something should happen and go out. So they start thinking, “Well, that's the first thing I'm gonna have to replace and it's very costly. So I don't wanna make an offer or I'd rather reduce my offer on this home.”

#7 Turn Off: Cracks in the walls or the dry wall. These are a sign of foundation shifts and seismic activity. So if your home has cracks in the walls throughout the home, it could show a potential problem that could add up to a lots of dollars, for a potential buyer, making them less likely to put an offer on the home. 

#8 Turn Off: Unpermitted upgrades. Yeah, you and I can change the ceiling fan. We don't need a permit from the city. However, if we've made large changes to the property and they weren't done by a professional, we've done them on our own without a permit. That could be a turnoff for a potential buyer thinking that it could equal problems down the road. 

#9 Turn Off: What's behind door number three? Locked rooms, locked closets, locked garages. That tells the potential buyer, “I wonder what's going on in that room that they don't want me to see.” So if at all possible try to have every room and every outbuilding on the property accessed to a potential buyer so they don't believe that you're hiding something from them that they would need to know about before making their purchase. If you have valuables that you're trying to take care of, try to find a place off site or in a safe to where they can at least look into every room that is available in the property. 

#10 Turn Off: Odds and ends, peeling paint, mismatched appliances, and room colors that are very different can all be turn offs. Say I walk in from one room that's bright red. The next room is black. The next room is purple. Try to correct those to where it's more appealing to the eye.

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So you've had your house repainted. You've had everything taken care of, put it on the market, been professionally photographed. You've had tons of people looking at it. However, you're not getting

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